Cafe deLacey

100% Arabica Beans Tasmanian Roasted

Café de Lacey is a multi-award winning range of Coffee Beans. We start with carefully selected beans, origins, some blended and profile roasted at our Fleet Street Roastery in Hobart, Tasmania. It’s about more than the beans however!

We work with our individual and café customers to ensure they get the same great experience, enjoyment and ultimately cup quality that we experience when we drink an espresso, latte, cappuccino, filter or other brewing styles. 

Arkadia Spiced Chai 1.5Kg Tin

Experience true café indulgence with Arkadia Spiced Chai. Featuring a black tea base and a secret blend of exotic spices for an aromatic delectable beverage. Arkadia's signature brew follows traditional Indian chai tea recipes, savoured for over 5000 years. For ultimate indulgence serve as a Chai Latté.

  • Inspired by purity - this product is free of preservatives, artificial colours and artificial sweeteners – and is 98% fat free*.
  • Tea naturally contains antioxidants which may help the body support its immune system.

*98% fat free when made according to direction on water.

Prana Chai is a freshly prepared blend of black tea, spices and honey. Infused in hot water, then heated and further extracted with hot milk or soy, Prana delivers a traditional flavour and taste sensation that reflects the origins of this spiced tea. Retail and food service packs available.

Traditional Prana "Fresh" Chai

Traditional Prana "Fresh" Chai