Cafe deLacey

100% Arabica Beans Tasmanian Roasted

Café de Lacey is a multi-award winning range of Coffee Beans. We start with carefully selected beans, origins, some blended and profile roasted at our Fleet Street Roastery in Hobart, Tasmania. It’s about more than the beans however!

We work with our individual and café customers to ensure they get the same great experience, enjoyment and ultimately cup quality that we experience when we drink an espresso, latte, cappuccino, filter or other brewing styles. 

Our Team


Darren is supported by a dedicated team with years of experience behind then to assist in all facets of your Café, QSR, office or domestic coffee bar requirements. 


Introducing team de lacey:


Darren – “Big D” (Company Director)

Darren started importing coffee from Papua New Guinea in 1994 and continues the family legacy of merchants and trading. Loves anything to do with coffee. Iced, warm, hot, chilled, on, in, under….you name it. The greatest coffee challenge and inspiration for fine tuning has been his “China Project” which started nearly 8 years ago. The first café will opened in Harbin, North Eastern China in February 2015. It was like an Iced Coffee Festival as temperatures plummeted to below -20°c! Enjoys cycling, mostly trying to catch Nick, and also plays drums. We could start a band!

Heather -“Head Honcho”

Heather has been with the company, prior to even being a company! From a small home office to looking after 7 other staff and a couple of thousand product lines she is an incredible lady with vast product, supplier and customer knowledge. Anything you want to know? Ask Heather! Does not prefer strong coffee and leans towards a milk based Nicaraguan if there is a choice. A musician displaying her talent in song and flute outside office hours… we do need a band!



Nick - "Tronics”

Faulty electro-valve, blocked group jet, emails down, system just crashed…call Nick. We have a great all-rounder, coffee, equipment, office help and IT Guru. Nick even managed an urgent first aid procedure last year that had a happy ending. Nick has upped the anti on the latte art scene lately and wants more jugs and cups to play with. A great extraction fault finder and coffee tuner who gets plenty of practice in our coffee trailer and special events. He will also join us for the opening of the China store. A keen cyclist and drummer in his own time. Looks like we have a band, yeah!

Ellie – “Barista, Coffee Coach and Sales Cadet”

Ellie has been doing coffee since she tied shoe laces and achieved her barista certification under the auspice of Justin Metcalf, World Barista Judge. She pulls coffee at a local café and works with Café de lacey for promotional events and conference services. Ellie is one of our in-house coffee coaches and has been part of our China team on several occasions.

Tas Invest Hobart.JPG

'JL' John.jpg

Founding Roaster - John -“JL”

6/2/46 - 26/4/16

The founder’s father and the founding roaster has sadly left us, however he lives on in our memories and hearts. The 1m high picture panel like the one above hangs high above the roastery and warehouse, so JL continues to keep a watchful eye over us. Missed every day.