Cafe deLacey

100% Arabica Beans Tasmanian Roasted

Café de Lacey is a multi-award winning range of Coffee Beans. We start with carefully selected beans, origins, some blended and profile roasted at our Fleet Street Roastery in Hobart, Tasmania. It’s about more than the beans however!

We work with our individual and café customers to ensure they get the same great experience, enjoyment and ultimately cup quality that we experience when we drink an espresso, latte, cappuccino, filter or other brewing styles. 

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We carry a range of high quality black and green teas complimented by some fruit and herbal infusions. Tea bags and loose teas are available.

Wuyi Rock Tea.jpg

Our latest offering includes Wahgi Valley Loose Tea from PNG, a distinctive full bodied fermented pekoe style black tea. 

Another addition to our range is a high quality 2.5g pyramid tea bag of Assam and Darjeeling Blend producing a rich but smooth amber cup, a great breakfast style tea packed in packs of 50